The Inspirational Kimberley St John

Kim’s Mum Eira with friend Louisa at Ty Olwen

Unit Receptionist Delyth Gough and Ty Olwen Trust Treasurer Gareth Lewis were on hand to receive the proceeds of the calender from Kim’s Mum Eira and friend Louisa.

Kimberley St John was an inspiration and pioneer in the world of palliative care. She was leading the way in London through the programme ‘Namaste’ on her mission to transform end of life care.
Being from Swansea, A calendar called ‘The adventures of Kim’ was made in her memory and created to raise funds for Ty Olwen. A cause she would have felt very passionate about.
The calendar shows some of the places Kim visited in the world as she loved adventure and lived life to the full. Every photo was taken by Kim.
Also, on each page an inspirational quote can be found taken directly from Kim’s work.
Kim’s mum Eira and friend Louisa kindly visited us today and gave us some calendars along with the £2,735.32 raised from their sales.
This wonderful video shows just how special  Kim was –

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