Chapel Stained Glass Window

20160913_17410120160913_173416-2In the Chapel at the Ty Olwen Day Centre a beautiful stained glass window can be found. The window reflects the Christian faith, caring, healing and peace. It epitomises those ideals to which Mrs J.T. (Olwen) Morgan devoted her life.

The central panel contains the family unit and is flanked by motifs representing the caring profession. A lamp symbolizes nursing while a stethoscope the role of the doctor. Doves and lilies represent peace while a celtic cross makes reference to the early Christian faith in Wales. Poppies are included for their medicinal significance.

in the lower half the theme of Christ calming the waters is dominant and is illustrated by a small figure in a boat set on a calm sea surrounded by more turbulent waters, waves of golden light engulfing the figure represent the spiritual and material influences in the caring and healing process.

In the centre panel at the base of the window there are texts from the bible.

“Come unto Me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” Matthew Chapter 11 verse 28.

“Then he arose and rebuked the winds and sea; and their was great calm.” Matthew Chapter 8 verse 26.

The four remaining panels refer to the life of Mrs J. T. Morgan who was instrumental in establishing the hospice and after whom it is named. Collecting boxes refer to her work for charitable causes and the harp her love of music and the Eisteddfod. The chair stands for her chairmanship and the Bible and Pulpit for her work as a non-conformist lay-preacher. The border of forty daffodils symbolizes her forty years of work in the Swansea area,