Chaplaincy at Ty Olwen

 Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care Department


 At Ty Olwen we do not see Chaplaincy as an optional extra as it has always been an important part of our multi-disciplinary team providing holistic care.

Our team of chaplains in Ty Olwen are available to patients, families, carers and staff. Their role is to provide spiritual and pastoral care and support to all.

 Charity Number 511339


Whilst you are at Ty Olwen if it be a visit to our Day Centre or a longer stay; you or the family can have access to our Chaplaincy & Spiritual care service. The Chaplains are available to you and are willing to come alongside you as you journey through this period. They are there for those of faith and those of no particular faith. All that is shared will be in a quiet and confidential manner.

Spiritual care is much more than religious care (although that remains an important part of what we do); it includes pastoral care, friendship, companionship and engaging with people of all faiths and none in their beliefs about life, meaning and hope whatever they may be.

The ethos of the service is non-judgemental and we don’t impose our own views on people who seek out our care. Indeed, we respect people’s autonomy and confidentiality and work to strict codes of practice. We are fully committed to working with a patient-centred approach.


The team is made up of spiritual care providers traditionally called chaplains. Mostly, they work part-time and are Christian clergy who work as ministers in the community alongside the full-time chaplaincy manager (Senior Chaplain) who is accountable for running the service. We also have honorary chaplains from various faith groups who are recognised in their respective communities.

We also have a dedicated team of lay Chaplains and Lay Visitors that are a valued part of the Chaplaincy team. They are also there to befriend and journey with patients and family members and friends alike.

We will have access to all faith leaders of different faith groups. If you would like us to make a contact for you for a specific faith group please contact a member of staff or the Chaplaincy office.

If you would like a listening ear, or simply a friendly face to support you we are here for you.

The Chaplaincy team can also give prayer support to patients and visitors alike as well as arranging the sacrament of Holy Communion.

Our aim is to support and to provide pastoral care and support you in a non judgmental manner and to walk with you through your journey in the Hospital.

The chapel is located in the day centre area of Ty Olwen and is a quiet space, open 24/7 all year round where people can go with their thoughts and prayers. A book is available for people to write down their thoughts and prayer requests for the chaplaincy team to respond to as appropriate.





Visiting Patients

For patients in ABMUHB hospitals visits can be arranged by either telephoning the chaplaincy office or by sending an email to the address below. If no-one is in the office please leave a message with the details and it will be picked up promptly.

Emergency Situations

Should you need a chaplain in an emergency situation for support and/or prayers please telephone the switchboard asking for the duty chaplain (or duty Roman Catholic chaplain). This service is available in and out-of-hours and so a chaplain should always be available day or night, throughout the year including public holidays.


The team here are only too happy to give advice on matters concerning faith, religion and spirituality and their interface with healthcare issues. If we don’t know the answer we have contacts among faith and belief groups to find out.


Chaplaincy Office                          Tel. 01792 703301

Morriston Hospital                        (internal 33301)
Heol Maes Egwlys                     Pager: 07623607227
SN6 6NL                                


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