For any volunteering requests please contact Helen Martin Volunteer Services   Helen.Martin6@wales.nhs.uk

Volunteers are an integral part of the work at Ty Olwen whether they are working directly with patients and their families or giving other essential support such as fund raising. Volunteers do not take the place of staff but work alongside them in a complimentary way. They contribute in a wide variety of ways to the care of patients and relatives and to the running of the hospice.

A cross section of people from all walks of life offer their time to Ty Olwen. Their ages vary from 18 to 80 plus. At Ty Olwen the services provided by volunteers are varied.


The drivers are the life-blood of the service, transporting patients without their own transport to and from the day centre and occasionally taking day care patients to hospital appointments.


The purpose of this role is to assist the nursing staff in achieving the highest possible Volunteers_clip_image002standard of care. A variety of non-nursing tasks are carried out such as serving meals and drinks, talking to patients, tending to flowers or sharing a hobby, thus giving the nursing staff more time to carry out their special skills. Volunteers carry out various tasks for patients as directed and under the supervision of nursing staff. They work at various times throughout the day and into the early evening.


These volunteers assist the day care centre staff in the effective day to day running of the Day Care Centre. They participate in all activities, thus helping to provide a friendly welcoming atmosphere, companionship and mental stimulation. They also help to prepare drinks for patients during the day as well as assisting with serving lunch. The Day Care Centre operates between the hours of 10-30am and 3-30pm.


Volunteers are responsible for answering all incoming calls and passing them through as quickly and effectively as possible to all relevant members of staff. They are also involved in meeting and greeting any visitors in a friendly welcoming manner. Volunteers in this area provide support for all administrative staff throughout the hospice. Duties are many and varied and involvement varies according to knowledge and experience.

Volunteer Receptionist Maria Hynes discussing a message with Community Clinical Nurse Specialist Jane Coles

Volunteer Receptionist Maria Hynes discussing a message with Community Clinical Nurse Specialist Jane Coles


The work in this area consists of ensuring the efficient day to day running of the Tea Bar in the Reception area and providing refreshments for inpatients, relatives and staff alike, helping to create a friendly welcoming atmosphere. The tea bar is open throughout the day and early evening and includes weekend work, ensuring that we can provide a welcome cup of tea at all times.


The role of the Volunteer Therapist is to provide complimentary therapies to patients at the Day Centre and inpatients of Ty Olwen on a Wednesday or Friday. All therapists have to produce certificates to prove that they are qualified to practice.


Our fundraising team meet monthly to plan events and discuss new ideas. At present the team is made up of existing volunteers from other areas but if fundraising is your passion or you or you are unable to commit yourself volunteering on a weekly basis we would be glad to hear from you.