Sensory Cushions and Twiddle Mitts


Staff Nurse Karren Roberts is pictured accepting a further 2 Sensory Cushions for use in the Hospice. The cushions were loving made by Mum and Daughter Nicola and Emily Parkins. The cushions offer a distraction from stresses and frustrations and help individuals to focus, relax and also aid to promote their sense of well being by encouraging stimulation.


Thank you to Mrs Carol Bowen for making and donating “Twiddle Mitts” to Ty Olwen – 50 given already and another 50 on the way! The mitts are given to patients who may be suffering from stress and anxiety and are proven to help to calm them without the need for sedation. Carol’s generous gift will enable the Ty Olwen team to use the mitts in the Hospice, in Patient’s homes and in hospital. As you can see the brightly coloured mitts have buttons and ribbons attached on the outside and this is replicated within the mitt.

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