Espirit (liveliness of mind, lively intelligence or wit) Sketty

New Year’s Eve 2012, eight very good friends (four couples) and a glass or two of wine (or more) led to the decision to do a challenge in the forthcoming year and in October 2013 these good friends did a four day trek to Mount Toubkal, Morocco, the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains. The 4th day was very tough, the final climb to the top, a long day starting at 5-30am and finishing at 7-20pm with just 15 minutes rest at the top and 30 minutes for lunch at the base.  Thank you to Sheila and Mike Williams, Dr Chris and Lisa Johns, Phil Foot, Tracy Pollock and Rhys and Hayley Harris for undertaking such an enormous venture and to Sheila’s customers at Espirit in Sketty who generously donated £425 to Ty Olwen. New Year’s Eve 2013 and…………………………?

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