Caroline’s Birthday Gift to Ty Olwen

Caroline presents £260 to Carole Berry and Adrian Harding in the gardens at Ty Olwen

Caroline Minns recently celebrated her 50th birthday with a party at the Swansea Dockers Club on a theme of “My Musical Extravaganza”. She was joined by family, friends and members of various Amateur Operatic Societies in the area where she is an active member. Both of Caroline’s parents died at Ty Olwen, her dad 3 years ago and mum 18 years ago, and she felt she wanted to support Ty Olwen by asking family and friends to give a donation for Ty Olwen instead of receiving presents. Staff Nurse Adrian Harding and Health Care Worker Carole Berry took time out to receive the gift of £260 on behalf of Ty Olwen. Thank you to all who gave gifts.

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