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On 8th April 2013 we found out the extended of our dads illness and that the news was not great,
Our dad was a strong proud man as most of you know and never gave up the fight, trying to protect his family to the end.

On the 9th October 2013 he was admitted to Ty Olwen for pain management, during his short time at Ty Olwen his Cancer had rapidly spread and we were given the devastating news that he only had a short time left to live.

Gareth and the team at Ty Olwen were incredible they asked us what we wanted to do for our dad and without question we wanted him to come home, within 48hr they had organised everything.

What Ty Olwen did as a team was astonishing to us as a family, they facilitated everything for dads needs the work that went into bring our dad home unless you have gone through the process is mind-blowing

On the sunny afternoon of Friday 18th October 2013 our dad came home with all his needs in place, they positioned his bed so that he could look at his beloved garden and the lift this gave him was clear to see.
The Spice Team a dedicated group of carers were wonderful the support they provided extraordinary and they all deserve a medal, the on call nursing staff always on hand, and without question Ty Olwen always by our side.

We had a fantastic three weeks with our dad with so many great memories to cherish during the end of his life we laughed and loved him to the end. Our Dad passed away on Saturday 9th November 2014 surrounded by his family.

And that is all down to the exceptional service Ty Olwen provide, when there is no hope left Ty Olwen Care is Always There, so true for the Morgans family.

We felt we needed to support and give back although Ty Olwen are supported by the NHS they need our donations to support the tremendous work and outstanding service they provide.

We are having a fund raising evening and all proceeds will be in aid of Ty Olwen
PLEASE support us PLEASE support the memory of our dad Ben Morgans.

Tracy Morgans

Ben Chips

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