In Memory of Elaine Hinder

In June this year, Nicola, Mark, Rhian, Laura, Josh, Rich H, Dan, Rich, Kelly and Ian undertook the ‘Welsh Three Peaks Challenge’ (Climbing 10,000 feet, walking 20 miles and driving 180 miles all in one day) to raise money for Ty Olwen in memory of Elaine Hinder. Family and friends have come together to raise awareness and money for a charity close to their hearts. They have raised (with Gift Aid) £2495. Why? The family take up the story.

“Ty Olwen is especially close to our hearts as we spent some time there in the summer of 2015 when Elaine (my Mum) was ill. The care and support Elaine received whilst she was there was immeasurable. Elaine was made comfortable and felt safe and it was a relief to know she was secure with every need attended to. Even though the cancer was too much in the end we know she had the best possible care in the last weeks of her life. For this we will be ever grateful. Such work doesn’t come cheap! Ty Olwen will always have our gratitude and support and we will give as much support as we can.”Hinder & Co

Elaine 2Elaine

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