Covid 19 and Ty Olwen

Temporary suspension of patients admitted to Ty Olwen
Swansea Bay University Health Board has had to make a lot of changes to its services so that it can continue to provide necessary care for its patients in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Where patients need Palliative of End of Life Care we have increasingly been providing this in their homes or community settings.  As a result over the past few weeks, our Specialist Palliative Care team has seen reduced demand for beds at Ty Olwen.  Many patients have not wanted to be admitted into Ty Olwen during the pandemic, partly because of their concerns over COVID-19 and partly due to visiting restrictions.  We are also experiencing significant staff illness which is affecting our ability to run the inpatient unit.
As a result we have decided that from the 24th April we have no choice but to temporarily suspend the admission of patients into Ty Olwen.
Until the service can be re-established we will aim to bring Ty Olwen care to the patient, whether they are at home or elsewhere in our hospitals.  We want to reassure patients that should they need admission to hospital because their care cannot be provided at home, appropriate arrangements are in place for them to be admitted to Singleton Hospital under the care of the Ty Olwen Hospital Team.
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