“Comfort bags” by Karren

This Mothers Day Student Nurse Jessica Daniels, on placement in Ty Olwen, donated to her mentors “comfort project” instead of sending flowers for her mother and grandmother.

Karren Roberts was overwhelmed by her generous donations and said

“They are a bag for children to remember. When we care in their time of need they can be used as an activity bag and then can also be used as a memory bag.
It will contain forget me not seeds and sunflower seeds also blank jigsaws and felt tips. The jigsaws can be used as an aid to right down memories. Jotters for drawing and journals for recording thoughts and feelings. A balloon and luggage label so they can write a message and bereavement books from local agencies. Also any kind of distraction such as colour therapy books and gifts.
The activity bags can have anything in them to help distract and occupy children who are at the beside bed of a loved one”

Jessica’s donation has helped us make these up for children of our patients, Karren has had support with this project by
Woman’s Institute
Linctus project
Chaplaincy team
Bronwens craft club

Karren is looking for ongoing support from anyone who wants to donate resources.

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