Cara’s Skydive in memory of Dad John Lewis

Thank you to Cara Lewis who has raised £1,460 for Ty Olwen and presented it to Carol Morris and Delyth Gough today. This is her story –

Cara’s Skydive in memory of my dad John Lewis!!
I decided I wanted to do a Sky dive in memory of my dad. who sadly passed away in 2016 having lost his battle with cancer.
I will never forget this one particular day, it was the day of the Swansea Air Show 2016. He was quite alert when I visited him that day and I decided to ask him “what was the one thing that you’d love to do” he replied “a skydive” so that’s why I did it in his memory.
The reason I chose Ty Olwen was that my dad spent the last remaining time of his life there and the staff at Ty Olwen were absolutely amazing with him and our family. The staff gave my dad the best possible care and comfort for the remaining time of his life, they also had so much respect for him and us! They took care of him and made him feel as comfortable as possible. I can’t thank them enough.

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