A story about Ty Olwen

A new Just Giving page has been set up and the contents show the care and dedication of all the staff  at Ty Olwen. Thank you to each and every one of you.

Helen Murray, Chairman Ty Olwen Trust

“Hey everyone and thank you for visiting my just giving page! 🙂

I am raising money for the Ty Olwen trust. As a few of you may know and most of you probably don’t: Ty Olwen is a Hospice at Morriston Hospital that provides palliative care for people with ‘life limiting illnesses.’ Including my Grampy who got Diagnosed with cancer of the liver on Friday the 13th January 2012. In the following 5 weeks spent at Singleton Hospital it was discovered that the cancer had spread significantly to other parts of his body and that there was no radiotherapy/ Chemotherapy or sadly, happy endings.

This is where Ty Olwen and their quite frankly amazing work comes in. After reviewing Colin’s case it was agreed that he could move from his ward in Singleton to The Ty Olwen Hospice at Morriston hospital. Here, Grampy had access directly by his bed to a lovely garden with a pond and small wildlife, and I have many fond memories of him sitting in his wheelchair cracking jokes and smiling even under the circumstances. Ty Olwen on top of providing first class care and support to not only the patients and families also made it feel homely to everyone. Grampy would often have a whisky and even the odd cigarette out in the garden in the sunshine and its tiny things like that that seemed to make the most difference. Not to mention his own TV and a day room with internet facilities, a large flat screen TV which he loved to watch the sport on, Jigsaws, collection of books/ music/ films and even accommodation for the families and relatives if they wished to stay overnight. Sadly my grampy passed away at 0130am on Easter Sunday (8th April 2012) but thanks to Ty Olwen he lived the last 6 weeks of his life in comfort with his family around him.

This wonderful facility is PARTLY funded by the NHS for the bog standard day to day running of the place. To provide all the amazing services it actually carries out day to day Ty Olwen needs £400,000 a year!!!

Obviously I’m not expecting to raise that much by running one of the hardest half marathons in the country with ascents and descents of over 2000ft! over a twisting and turning 13 miles, However I would be very happy with anything I can get to this charity, which I really really can’t praise highly enough.

From me, that is enough reading for you all I think, and I better get myself to the Gym!

Many Thanks!!

Chris Hardwicke”


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