£1015 Donation in Memory of Michael Power

Jean Richards with niece Sophie and Ty Olwen Trust President Margaret Bartlett


Mrs Jean Richards writes –

“Michael Power our dear brother was diagnosed with asbestos related cancer (Mesothelioma) in November 2010 which was devastating news to us all. Michael was a very independant man living on his own, always happy and smiling and enjoying life. He was a very caring person who loved helping people in the community and always believed in contributing to many charities.

My husband Peter and I cared for Michael during his illness at our home and he never complained about his illness and was always so positive and brave. We were put in touch with Ty Olwen who would regularly visit our home to administer palliative care and help with anything he needed. This was a great comfort to us to know that they were there at any time for him.

During the early days of his  illness he was invited to the Day Centre where he made many friends and would often come home and tell us about his day there whilst praising staff, doctors, nurses and volunteers for their kindness. We  found them very supportive not only to Michael but to us as well.

Sadly Michael passed away in March 2011 with dignity and was a great loss to us and everyone who knew him.

I decided with the help of Peter my husband, Sophie our niece and Angela our sister in law to organise a Charity Evening in memory of Michael. The evening was a great success and so we would like to thank Swansea Dockers Club who supplied the venue, the people of Swansea, Neath and Morriston for the lovely gifts they gave for the auction and raffle and Chris Lee and Lorna for the entertainment. Not forgetting everyone who turned up on the night and helped raise the magnificent sum of £1015 which we donate to Ty Olwen as a big thank you for giving Michael such care and making his last months so comfortable.

The support was wonderful! May your good work continue at Ty Olwen with the help of the public to raise much needed funds. Thank you so much.

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